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Sierra De Guadarrama National Park: Unexplored Wilderness In The Heart Of Spain

Sierra De Guadarrama National Park is one of the largest national parks in Spain and is spread over a vast area of about 34,000 hectares. Penalara Summit, which is the largest peak of Sierra De Guadarrama mountain range, is also accommodated by this national park. Another attractive mountain range housed by the park is the Siete Picos mountain range.

This national park near Madrid is popular among the hiking, trekking and climbing enthusiasts. These mountain ranges experience very little human activity, and due to this, the biodiversity of this region has become rich. The visitors here will get a chance to witness the mesmerizing landscapes surrounded by lush greenery, pine trees, and soaring mountain peaks.

Interesting Facts About Sierra De Guadarrama National Park

Sierra De Guadarrama National Park Opening Hours: 09:00 AM to 06:00 PM
Sierra De Guadarrama National Park Entrance Fee: INR 1200
Location: Spain
Park Area: 333.6 km2
Established: 26 June 2013
Wildlife: mountain lizard, fire salamander, Spanish ibex, garden dorm-house, badger, Eurasian wolf, goldeneye bird, eagle owl, Eurasian black vulture and many more

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Weather in Sierra De Guadarrama National Park

In summers, the area is known to become very dry. But, during most of the months of the year, i.e. from November to April, this area remains very cold. The snowfall generally starts in the month of November and continues till May. The weather here turns pretty humid when compared to the other areas of the Central Plateau. During winters, one can experience intense winds and thunderstorms at the mountain peaks.

How To Get To Sierra De Guadarrama From Madrid

By Bus: One of the cheapest and best ways to get to Sierra De Guadarrama National Park is by bus. It takes around 1 hour 45 minutes to reach Sierra De Guadarrama National Park from Madrid and the cost is INR 440. This is a direct bus which departs from Madrid Moncloa and reaches Ctra. M601 – Club Alpino Espanol. The service is offered every day and there are four different departure timings to choose from.

By Train: While there is no direct train between Madrid and Sierra De Guadarrama National Park, there is one that starts from Madrid Recoletos for Cercedilla. From there, you will have to take a train to Pto. Navacerrada, which is approximately 3 km from Sierra De Guadarrama National Park. The whole journey takes around 3 and a half hours and the price of the entire trip would be about INR 650.

By Car: One can opt for either a taxi or can go by their own personal vehicle. If a taxi is hired, then the trip would turn out to be very expensive, around INR 8,500. If one goes by their own car the cost would be around INR 800. Even though going by a personal car or taxi can be very expensive, these are the fastest ways you can reach Sierra De Guadarrama National Park and take only about 45 minutes.

Being so close to Madrid, Sierra De Guadarrama National Park is a popular destination for a fun-filled day trip. There are many activities at this park:

1. Skiing


The mountain peaks at Sierra De Guadarrama offer plenty of opportunities for skiing. During the winters, one can take to the slopes for enjoying skiing or snowboarding. The slopes, Valdesqui,, and Puerto De Navacerrada can be easily reached and are the best spots for snow activities with family.

2. Hiking


Hiking at Sierra De Guadarrama is best enjoyed when the weather is warm. Strolling through the various trails accommodated by the national park and being surrounded by lush greenery and picturesque landscapes is every explorer’s dream and this paradise offers just that. Several hiking trail options are available for every kind of hiker, beginner or advanced.

3. Wildlife Spotting

Wildlife Spotting

Almost 45% of Spain’s wildlife lives in Sierra de Guadarrama National Park. One can get several chances to witness the best wildlife species in Spain in this natural park. There are more than 58 different species of mammals and around 133 species of exotic birds. Here, one can spot fallow deer, Spanish ibex, wild boar, Eurasian black vulture, Spanish imperial eagle, and many other birds and mammals.

4. Try Other Adventurous Activities

Horse Riding

Sierra De Guadarrama National Park is a great place to try out different adventure activities like canyoning, horse riding, zip lining and much more. Among all, the most popular sport in this region is cycling. One can easily hire a cycle and download the map of Sierra De Guadarrama and head towards the mountains for a fun-filled biking experience.

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Where To Stay In Sierra De Guadarrama National Park

Apart from offering several things to do, this place offers the best location to have a comfortable and memorable stay. There are plenty of hotels available nearby which one can choose from to suit their preferences and requirements. From exquisite luxurious villas to affordable standard rooms, the hotels in this area cater to every requirement.

Some of the hotels which are light on the pocket include El Bajondillo, Hotel El Estanco, Hotel De Martin and San Lorenzo Suites. The more sophisticated and luxurious hotels of the region are Hotel Rural Las Rozuelas, Hotel Rural La Viña, Los Cinco Enebros, and Parador De La Granja.

Take your adrenaline rush a notch higher by trying out the various adventure activities at Sierra De Guadarrama National Park. But this can happen only when you book a package to Spain that includes this national park, or it might interfere with other activities.

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Want To Visit Norway In Winter? This 2019 Guide Will Help You Plan Your Trip Well

Norway is a beautiful scenic Nordic country and they say that to witness the true beauty of this country, in its full potential, you should visit it during the winter months. And moreover, the winter season is the best time to witness Norway’s biggest attraction, the ever famous Northern Lights. Apart from that, there are many other amazing things about Norway that can be experienced during winter like skiing, and other winter sports. If you’re planning to visit Norway in winter holiday, read our detailed Norway travel guide to find out all that you need to be aware of before you start on your trip.

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Weather In Norway In Winter

The Norway winter months tend to get really cold, and the Norway winter weather can get as low as ever 0 degrees Celsius. This weather and climate make the natural surroundings look extremely beautiful and the weather is perfect to do some sightseeing of all the popular attractions in Norway, and enjoy the Norway winter activities, which makes winter the best time to visit Norway.

In case you’re wondering what are the must-see attractions in Norway during this season, we have made a list of the best places to visit in Norway in winter:

1. Oslo


Oslo is the capital of Norway and one of the best places to visit in Norway, no matter the season. In winter especially, the city is all lit and decorated in light of the Christmas spirit, and the city is also less crowded in winters as it’s not the peak tourist season. Explore the city, and its rich culture with over 50 museums, and over 150 historic buildings, perfect for winter exploration.

2. Bergen


If you’re planning to spend your holidays in the Norway winter festive season, one of the best cities to visit would be Bergen. It’s the second largest city in Norway is popular for its trading ports, and for its delicious fresh seafood cuisine. There are plenty of attractions to see in the city, and there are many restaurants serving delicious fresh catches of the day.

3. Tromso


Tromso, in Norway, is a popular tourist destination and also one of the best places to watch the northern lights from. This is the largest city in Norway and has many cultural places like museums and theatres to visit, as well as some beautiful forests to explore. During your visit, make sure to go on the cable car ride to get the best possible view of the city.

Norway winter activities are very exciting. If you are planning to visit Norway in winter holiday then here is a list of the top things to do in Norway during winter:

1. Dog sledging

Dog sledging

One of the perks of visiting Norway is that you get the chance to go dog sledding in the snow. Forget driving in Norway in winter, when you can be rushed through the snowy fields by these magnificent creatures. If you’re thinking about planning for Norway winter holidays 2019, this activity definitely needs to be on your list.

2. Ice fishing

Ice fishing

What’s the point of visiting a country in the winter if you don’t take part in ice fishing? There are many winter sports in Norway, such as cross-country skiing, sledding, ice fishing, snowshoeing, snowmobiling, and many more. Do make this use of this amazing opportunity, that you wouldn’t otherwise get if you visit during the summer months like the other tourists.

Avg price of winter sports in Norway: INR 10,000

3. Witness Northern Lights

couple proposing in norway

Perhaps the thing that this amazing country is most famous for is the Norway winter Northern lights, and the best time to watch them is during the winter season. So make sure that you don’t miss out on this natural wonder if you plan for a winter trip in Norway as it’s one of those magical moments that will stay with you forever.

4. Stay in an ice hotel

Stay in an ice hotel

Yes, you read that right. Norway is one of the only places in the world where you can get an opportunity to stay in a room that’s made of ice! These hotels are built annually every year during the winter, and stay open till April, which is around when they start melting. This is definitely a once in a lifetime opportunity and should not be missed during your visit to .

Location: Sorrisniva
Price: INR 25,000 per night

what to pack

  • IDs and valid travel documents (to be carried at all times)
  • Ample amount of cash (don’t rely on ATMs and credit cards)
  • A universal adaptor
  • An international driving license (if you wish to hire a personal vehicle for your commute)
  • Clothing: Woolens, thermals, winter coats & jackets, scarves, gloves, warm socks, snow boots

We hope you enjoyed reading our detailed guide to visiting Norway in winter, and are convinced to take a trip to Norway this winter. Norway’s biggest attraction, the Northern Lights are seeking your way! Let us help you plan your Norway holiday better.


Here are some questions travelers frequently ask about visiting Norway in the winter season:

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7 Best Hot Springs In Melbourne To Pamper Yourself On A Thrilling Vacation

Hot springs are mineral-rich water known for its healing qualities. These are year’s old try and trusted method for rejuvenating body and soul. Australia is known for its traditions and customs, out of which it’s popular hot springs in Melbourne, are counted amongst the top attractions. Australia has few beautiful cities and several small cities to offer a lot to its tourist. Some of the prominent cities of Australia are Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, and Brisbane. Australia has abundant of natural hot springs which attract tourists to come to this land of excitement and Kangaroos.

Melbourne is known as the cultural capital of Australia. It has some the major tourist’s delights such as National Gallery of Victoria, Royal Exhibition Building and the Melbourne Cricket Ground. The city and its nearby places also have some of the beautiful nature’s hot springs. If you are planning to visit Australia, don’t forget to trip to the natural hot springs in Melbourne, Australia.

1. Mornington Peninsula Hot Springs

Mornington Peninsula Hot Springs

This alluring hot spring is situated in the middle of the beautiful Mornington Peninsula and is known for its great spa sessions. The hot spring is located amidst the beautiful and serene habitat of South Melbourne. This one of the most talked spring water is made with the slightly raw caves and rock pools with pure thermal mineral waters. Created by the brothers Charles and Richard Davidson, this hot spring resembles to the Japanese bathing culture. The place is amidst the green land which guarantees a joyful journey from outer to inner self. Drench your soul in this amazing hot spring water in Melbourne, Australia.

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2. Onsen Retreat and Spa

Onsen Retreat and Spa

Hotham Ski Resort is famous for its mineral rich hot bath and spa services. The resort provided the facility of massages, facials, sauna bath, full body massage, plunge pool and pilates. You can plan the outing with your loved ones and can get a full body and soul treatment. The place offers the different packages on various seasons, so as to give good services in handy amount. The retreat also features a Japanese inspired, 38 degrees outdoor onsen suited for bathing and restoration. An indoor pool, Yoga and fitness classes add to the total benefit list from the place.

3. Deep Water Spa and Hot Springs

Deep Water Spa and Hot Springs

This is an open-air geothermal mineral spa best suited for the relaxation of your body. There is an ancient water source known as Dilwyn Aquifer situated deep beneath the bathhouse. The place is used for the infusion of salt and minerals with water. The water has a richness of high level of iron and bicarbonate as the continuity of rainwater being drawn to the vast aquifer. This provides a unique color and taste to the water. The spa also offers full body treatment like massages, facials and lots more. Pamper yourself a little more with the natural geothermal water and relax with the spa facilities. You can also enjoy the food prepared by the experienced chef in the venue. Give yourself a day treat with this amazing hot spring bath and spa treatment.

4. Japanese Mountain Retreat

Japanese Mountain Retreat

Japanese Mountain Retreat Mineral Springs and Spa is located only 45 min drive from the Melbourne. As indicated from its name, it is a Japanese themed unique hot spring bath and spa center. You can head out to this place if you are looking for something different and unique. This place serves the authentic Japanese style treatment to its customers which are loved and appreciated by the customer’s end. The place also offers some of the most exclusive romantic gateways at Melbourne so if you are planning a surprise to your loved ones, you can book the resort for two of you; a lifetime of experience which your partner can never forget. Experience the delight of a private resort, excitement of waterfalls and thrill of bamboo groves all at one place in Japanese Mountain Retreat.

5. Hepburn Springs

Hepburn Springs

The place is located in the center of Australia’s largest concentration of mineral springs. The place offers the natural water for the healing and rejuvenation of mind and body. Hepburn is among the old and valued hot springs in Australia and consists of a spa and wellness center as well. Visitors can get the benefits of massage, hydrotherapy, and beauty therapy. Apart from the spa and therapy sessions, tourists can grab a coffee or a beer at the old Hepburn hotel. You can utilize the leisure time by roaming around the elegant grounds of the Bellinzona boutique hotel in the afternoon and explore the local wine tasting in the evening.

6. Bitter Springs

Bitter Springs

Although the place is not exactly located in Melbourne it is few of the most talked hot spring bath at Australia. Located at Mataranka region, this is one of the few natural thermal clusters of this region. The spring is deep and advisable only for adults and not children. Because of the slow drifts, the swimmers can follow the water up to 100 meters which would be the reason it said to be not suitable for the small children. The place is perfect for the water enthusiast, suitable enough to excite the traveler by its essences and thrill.

7. Moree Artesian Baths

Moree Artesian Baths

This place is located in South Wales which is a suitable destination for the family vacation; although the place is not in Melbourne, Australia but it will provide the best experience of a hot spring bath. Moree Artesian Baths include Water Park for the children and an Artisan soak and Sauna retreat for the adults. The place also consists of a well-equipped gym, group fitness classes, and an Olympic pool. Soak yourself in a rejuvenating treatment of sauna and healing thermal spring water in this beautiful place. Having your family by your side is always a pleasure.

It is a known fact that a blissful bath of mineral-rich hot water results in the good metabolism of the body and clean skin. It also helps to provide relief from physical strain and mental stress. Look to the below curated hot springs spa in Melbourne before visiting the place. The calmness of mind is as important as the body, head out these beautiful places and give yourself a much-deserved treat! What are you waiting for? Plan your next trip to Melbourne with TravelTriangle and experience a soothing vacation you always deserved!


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15 Super Cool Things To Do In Athens On Your 2019 Trip

The vibrant city of Athens is a dream destination for many owing to the fact that there are so many things to do in Athens. Famous for its rich cultural heritage, shopping sites, delicious food, and happening nightlife, Athens never fails to surprise travelers. You need not worry about what to do in Athens, as there is a lot that awaits you in this beautiful and interesting city.

There are both touristy and non touristy things to do in Athens. Here’s what all you can do in this attractive city.

1. Lake Vouliagmeni

Swim in Lake Vouliagmeni in athens

One of the internationally acclaimed things to do in Athens, Greece is to visit this lake located in the suburbs of Athens approximately 25 km from the city center. It is popular for its waters that have therapeutic value and 24°C of temperature year-round. There is a quaint cafe nearby where you can gorge on scrumptious meals and a playground where children can enjoy.

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2. Street Dancing Milonga

Cha-Cha-Cha on the streets in athens

Do Cha-Cha-Cha on the streets! 8 years ago, an Athenian couple fond of Tango placed a portable stereo in Ermou and started dancing in the street. Gradually, their friends followed their steps and the troupe kept increasing in size. Now, each Monday, a “Street Dancing Milonga” is organized where people from every age come together with their dancing shoes on. This is definitely one of the most fun things to do in Athens at night.

3. Benizelou Mansion

Take a tour of the oldest surviving residence in athens

Tour the oldest surviving residence! Surviving even today, the Benizelou Mansion from the times of the Ottoman empire belonged initially to an aristocratic family of Revoula Benizelou, who renounced her life and became a nun to be finally canonized. The house is also known as St Filothei, the Athenian on the name of the nun. It is a museum today and gives an Old Greek feeling to tourists via its audio and video screenings, and interactive digital applications for kids.

4. Lost Statues Of Knossos Escape Room

Try an Escape Game in athens

Try an Escape Game if you like adventure! Escape Games are evolving into a very interesting concept around the world. One of the most popular things to do in Athens is to visit the Lost Statues of Knossos escape room where you can spend a good number of hours with your their friends trying to solve tricky riddles and escaping the room. This is one of the top adventure things to do in Athens.

5. My City My Sounds tour

Take a My City My Sounds tour with your phone in athens

This is definitely one of the most interesting things to do in Athens. Try this guided walk where your smartphone is your only guide helping you all the way through! Just install the free application My City My Sounds and download the English version to playback a soundtrack containing narrations, interviews and even noises on the streets of Athens.

6. Pandrossou Market

Shop at the Monastiraki flea market in athens

This flea market is unlike any you have ever seen. Visit on a Sunday when hawkers from the hills set out their blankets and sell all sorts of wacky stuff. If this scene appears a little too crowded for your liking, you can just sit in the cafes overlooking the ancient agora for some quiet times. The highlight is the street musicians and stores selling fur around the street.

7. Al Hammam

Indulge in a steam bath in athens

If you are thinking about what to do in Athens, Greece, you should consider visiting ‘Al Hammam’, the traditional bathhouse in Plaka. Lay down on the warm marble to relax in the hands of experts equipped with ‘aketse’ (a special sponge for exfoliation) and natural olive oil soap. It’s the best place for a soothing massage and head wash and there are special packages for couples.

8. Diomedes Gardens

Go for a picnic in the Diomedes Gardens in athens

One of the best things to do in Athens is visiting the Diomedes Botanical Gardens. It is a 18.6-hectare oasis and houses about 500 species of flora along with more than 2,500 plants from around the world. The plants are segregated into ornamental, medicinal, aromatic, and historic types. If you are looking for things to do in Athens with kids, then go for a picnic in the Diomedes Gardens.

9. Plaka

Walk through the Plaka in athens

If you are looking for fun things to do in Athens, Greece, you should consider walking through the oldest neighborhood in Athens, the Plaka. The best time to visit Plaka is early in the evening when one can attend workshops and browse through hundreds of shops. The Plaka also houses the nicest restaurants in Athens with traditional Greek food, amongst the best things to do in Athens.

10. Open-air Cinema

Watch a movie under the stars in Athens

Watch a movie under the stars! One of the most popular Athens Greece things to do is to go to an open-air cinema and watch a movie with traditional Greek snacks in hand, homemade spoon sweets, gourmet Greek fish roe (avgotaraho), wine, and fiery tsipouro. Cine Paris is also a great place where one can catch fascinating views of the Acropolis. Don’t you think watching a movie under the stars with your partner is one of the romantic things to do in Athens.

11. Acropolis

Acropolis Cover

If you are looking for things to do in Athens in 2 days, then you should consider climbing the Acropolis. This is one of the most popular attractions here and therefore one is advised to visit the place early in the morning. It opens around 8 am which is the perfect time to explore it. One can also take a cruise, and Acropolis is usually a part of the cruise tours. One can also join a private walking tour here to learn about the history of this famous attraction.

12. Edem Beach

Edem Beach

If you are a beach bum and looking for a beach destination, then Athens might not be your top choice. But there are some of the best beaches close to Athens, which are just a few hours drive away. One of these beaches is Edem Beach. It is a pretty beach to relax and unwind. Head here for a day trip from Athens, and enjoy the pristine sea views. There are other beautiful beaches too in Greece, for those who want an exclusive beach vacay!

13. Street Art Tour

International Street Artists Festival (Switzerland)

One of the most interesting things to do in Athens is to take a street art tour. One can either opt for a tour which is given by a street artist or explore Athens on one’s own and find these artistic treasures. Coming across street art is Athens is quite easy as it has a common culture of graffiti and modern street art. Lose yourself to the vibrant street colors when in Athens. Plaka area has the most interesting street art here.

14. Benaki Museum

Benaki Museum

The Benaki Museum, located in Athens, Greece, was established in 1930. It is a great place for history buffs and art lovers. It houses priceless works of Greek art dating back to the prehistoric times to the modern day. There are timely exhibitions too that take place here at the museum. People who enjoy cultural experiences should definitely visit the Benaki Museum. Other than art there are aesthetic sculptures, and other documents dating too the prehistoric times too housed here.

15. Monastiraki Square

Flea Market at Monastiraki

No trip is complete unless one shops for local items and gets back quirky souvenirs. So, here is another neighborhood in Athens to explore, if shopping is on your mind. Monastiraki is a flea market neighborhood and has some boutique stores and souvenir shops. Do not forget to bargain, while shopping here. Put your skills to the best use! Have a great time collecting unique trinkets at this flea market square.

We bet you didn’t know there were so many enthralling things to do in Athens! It has been living in the shadow of popular overcrowded tourist destinations for too long now. Book a trip to Greece at once and experience the never-ending charm of this fabulous place on Earth.

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Fun & Adventure Meet Romance: My Honeymoon Trip To Singapore & Malaysia

Bhargav Thaker describes his fun filled honeymoon trip to Singapore and Malaysia. Finding both the countries to be full of adventure and entertainment, he elaborates on how his honeymoon turned out to be a perfect holiday for them. Having booked his package via TravelTriangle for INR 121000 – it included his flights, transfers, hotels, and sightseeing.

Our honeymoon trip was planned in Singapore and Malaysia for a very specific reason – fun and adventure! Both the countries offered us great theme parks, breathtaking beauty, nature, and most importantly modern lifestyle.

It was a perfect background for the beginning of our life-long love story!

Bhargav and his wife in Snow World in Genting Island

I discovered TravelTriangle on the internet and it proved to be a very important factor when it came to booking customized trip packages. I loved how they connected me to various travel agents for competitive quotes, itineraries, and customization. And so after receiving quotes from various travel agents, we finally settled on ‘Smiling Trips’ for they suited our needs best.

Take a look at our 7 Days itinerary of Honeymoon trip to Singapore & Malaysia, go through it and plan your exotic honeymoon soon!

Bhargav and his wife in Marina Bay are Singapore

We reached Singapore in the morning via a connecting flight from Malaysia and were transferred to our hotel – ‘Parc Sovereign Tyrwhitt’. Luckily for us, we were able to get an early check-in at 12 PM and relax for a while before our ‘Night Safari’ pickup scheduled for 5:30 PM. The ‘Night Safari’ in Singapore was an average experience if not great. I felt it was better suited for children.

Singapore Honeymoon Packages On TravelTriangle

Go on a luxurious Singapore honeymoon and visit Universal Studios, Singapore flyer, Gardens by the Bay, Marina Life Park, and Marina Bay Sands. Packages Inclusive of airport transfer, hotel, breakfast, visa, sightseeing, & more at unbelievably affordable rates!

Bhargav and his wife in Singapore

We took the Singapore City Tour today and thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience. Our guide for the tour was a very jolly fellow and he explained everything that we saw perfectly. He talked about the origins of Singapore and how much effort it took to make it a global city. We also visited various cultural places and temples.

Later, when we were done with our lunch in ‘Little India’ we proceeded on for Sentosa Island.

Bhargav and his wife in Sentosa Island

The ‘One Way Cable Car’ ride in Sentosa was an amazing experience and we loved the view from the top. Later we went to the Underwater World and the ‘Dolphin Lagoon’. Out of the two, ‘Dolphin Lagoon’ was the better one and in the end, I wished more time should have been allotted to it.

At about 7 PM, we watched the outdoor night show called the ‘Wings of Time’ and it was a spectacular feast for the eyes.

Bhargav and his wife in Universal Studio Singapore

Being a bit tired from the previous day, our visit to Universal Studios began on a lethargic note. But after rejuvenating ourselves with a few cups of coffee from the Starbucks there, we were all set for another adventure. There were different kinds of rides in the Universal Studios and although my wife was a bit reluctant to sit on them initially, we ended up enjoying a lot.

We also saw a dance show in the Studios and overall the day went really well.

Bhargav and his wife on Genting Island

We took our flight from Singapore to Malaysia and landed in Kuala Lumpur. Since the airport was a little further from the main city, it took us some time to reach our hotel – ‘Ibis Styles, Kuala Lumpur’. After checking in, we were free to do whatever we wanted for there was no other activity planned.

Bhargav and his wife click a selfie near Petronas Towers Malaysia

We did the Kuala Lumpur tour (KL Tour) which started in the evening (the morning was free). We saw a lot of places during this 3- hour tour including the famous Petronas Towers, Chocolate Factory, and the Kuala Lumpur Tower. I felt the trip was on a hasty side because covering all these places in mere 3 hours gave us less time to spend at each place.

Later we asked the driver to drop us near Kuala Lumpur Tower. The driver departed with a warning to be careful in this clubbing area of the city.

Bhargav and his wife in Genting Island Malaysia

Our Genting Highlands tour began in the company of another couple who had just arrived in Malaysia and were supposed to accompany us to the island for their stay. Since the couple was tired and exhausted from the flight, our sightseeing on the way to the island had to be wrapped up quickly. I wanted to explore the Batu Caves but could not venture beyond the basic points for we were getting late.

Bhargan and his wife in Batu Caves en route Genting Island

Later on the Genting Highlands, the weather and view were awesome. I loved how everything was decorated in honor of the Chinese New Year. We also visited the Casino over there and I was in awe over its vast magnitude and grandeur.

We had to miss out on the outdoor rides and activities since there was construction going on but the overall experience of the island was really good.

Bhargav and his wife pose in Universal Studio Singapore

Universal Studio in Singapore

This was our last day and after checking out of the hotel, we were picked up at around 4:45 PM for our flight back to Mumbai. Our trip to Singapore and Malaysia was an exciting one! We enjoyed every bit of what came our way and are glad to have holidayed in these wonderful countries. The best part of the trip was that I got to spend some really good time with my wife in the beautiful sunny backgrounds of these tropical countries. These memories shall forever be cherished!

  • Sightseeing in Singapore, Sentosa Island, Dolphin Lagoon, Wings of Time, Universal Studios, and Genting Highlands.
  • The trip to Singapore was better planned than the one in Malaysia. KL Tour was a hasty affair and so was the sightseeing on the way to Genting Highlands. Our driver for the KL Tour was disconnected and impatient.
  • The weather in Singapore can be quite warm, keep yourself hydrated for it could get quite exhausting.

Spend your holiday sunny side up! Plan a trip to Singapore and Malaysia and have some fun in the sun! Explore the exotic places, nightlife, cuisines, shopping streets and historical places in the two island nations with your partner.

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A Tour Around The Windsor Castle In England Will Show You How To Live Life Queen Size!

Located in the English county, Berkshire, Windsor Castle is the family home to British lords and rulers. The Conqueror William established it in the eleventh century. Windsor Castle history dates back for more than 1,000 years, and it has been the home of 39 rulers. Covering an area of 5 hectares, it is the biggest and the oldest Castle on the planet.

The commanding towers of the Windsor Castle appear large from every corner of the town, making it one of the world’s most breathtaking horizons. It has been preserved from centuries that make it flawless and completely working. What strikes is that there are around 150 individuals for whom Windsor Castle is their home; the Queen herself resides in it at the ends of the week.

A guide to Windsor castle

Windsor Castle has two courtyards: the Upper and the Lower Ward, with the passageway through the great Henry VIII’s Gate, built in 1511. The Windsor castle location can be found while exiting from Windsor and Eton Riverside or Eton Central Station. You can quickly locate the castle walls from a considerable distance. At the highest point of Castle Hill, you can find the main entrance of the castle.

Who lives in Windsor Castle

Windsor Castle in the English countryside of Berkshire is the official residence of the Queen of England. Home to the royal family for past 900 years, it is the world’s largest occupied castle. The Queen of England uses it as a private residence every year during the months of Easter i.e. March-April. Many official and presitigious guests of Queen are also hosted at Windsor Castle.

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Windsor Castle Tickets & Timings

Windsor Castle London is busiest as soon as it opens and during the morning. For the best experience, you should book Windsor castle tickets in advance and make sure to reach on your visit date after late morning. The ticketing system of the castle includes concessions for kids, seniors and family tickets. The detailed structure of is listed below:

  • Adults: £21.20
  • Students/Seniors over 60 years: £19.30
  • Under 17 years/Disabled: £12.30
  • Children under the age of 5 years: Free
  • Family (2 adults with 3 children under 17 years): £54.70
    Opening Timings: The castle remains open from 10 am to 4:15 pm from November to February and 10 am to 5:15 pm from March to October. As Windsor Castle is a working imperial royal residence, at times the whole Castle or the State Apartments inside the Castle are shut at short notice.

How to reach Windsor Castle

You can reach the castle by bus, train or car. The Eton Riverside and Eton Central Station are the two main railway stations to reach there. A daily bus service “Green Line 702” also operates from Green Line Coach Station near Victoria station. In case you are traveling by car, you can follow the Windsor castle map on Google maps to reach on time but it is always preferred to take public cars rather than visitor car as there is no car parking available at the castle.

No trek to Windsor could be finished without a visit to astonishing Windsor Castle. Windsor castle in London offers something for everybody, and with such a large number of regions to explore. You can plan a two to three hours visit to see everything related to the castle.

1. St George’s Chapel

St George's Chapel

St George’s Chapel inside the grounds of Windsor Castle is one of the best precedents of Gothic engineering in England. Inside the Chapel are the tombs of 10 rulers, including Henry VIII and his third spouse Jane Seymour, and Charles I. The house of prayer is the profound home of the Order of the Garter: Established by Edward III in 1348, today there are 24 knights picked in acknowledgment of their work for the country by the Queen. The wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle was also held at St George’s Chapel. When visiting ensure you gaze upward and watch out for the stone roof, which was included by Henry VII.

Timings: Monday to Saturday: 10 am to 4 pm, Sunday: Closed

2. The State Apartments

The State Apartments

The State Apartments are the fabulous arrangement of rooms shaping the highlight of the Castle. Charles II set out to compete with the accomplishments of his cousin, Louis XIV, at Versailles in France. In the seventeenth century, he modernized the Castle’s insides, which turned into the most terrific State Apartments in England, with carvings by Grinling Gibbons and the painted roofs by Antonio Verrio. The State Apartments are outfitted with the absolute best masterpieces from the Royal Collection, including works of art by Van Dyck, Holbein, and Rubens. Vast numbers of the gems are still in the memorable settings for which they were first gathered or appointed by the lords and rulers who have inhabited Windsor.

Timings: The State Apartments are open when the Castle is open, with a couple of exemptions when official State occasions are occurring. Check the terminations ahead of time of your visit.

3. The Semi-State Rooms

The Semi-State Rooms

The Rooms is another suite of private rooms on the sunnier east and south sides of the Castle, including the eminent Crimson Drawing Room. This was George IV’s last and most noteworthy commission, and a standout amongst the most detailed and costly inside beautification conspires ever completed in England. The Queen utilises these amazingly beautiful spaces for official work. George IV authorised the rooms, which are a case of the entire best late-Georgian insides in the nation. A fire in 1992 immensely harmed a few places, including the glorious Crimson Drawing Room. Firefighters utilised 4,000 gallons of water to control the blast. The rooms have since been carefully re-established to its unique brilliance employing George IV’s unique plans.

Timings: The Semi-State Rooms are open from fall until spring every year. This year it will remain open till 24 March 2019. The Semi-State Rooms are not open on days when the State Apartments are shut.

4. Changing the Guard

Changing the Guard

It is a well-known event of Windsor castle presenting a fantastic scene of a British ceremony with a military purpose. In a significant show of sounds and colours, the new Guards, driven by a Regimental Band, walk from the military enclosure through the town to outside the Guard Room. Amid the 45-minute service, the handover of obligations happens, including changeover of the sentries. The benefit of guarding the ruler generally has a place with the Household Troops, otherwise called ‘the Guards’, who have done this obligation since 1660.

Timings: The function, for the most part, happens at 11 am on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays, however, check before visiting.

5. Queen Mary’s Dolls’ House

Queen Mary's Dolls' House

It is a mystic doll house worked for Queen Mary by eminent designer Edwin Lutyens and loaded up with small fortunes, made by the leading specialists and artisans of the time. It is an ideal replica of a great home, with electricity, hot and fresh water and lifts. A featuring highlight is the library of 700 small books, making a fantastic depiction of the aesthetic and social existence of the 1920s with contemporary artisans and scholars all adding to the library.

Timings: Closed due to some future projects.

6. The Grand Reception Room

The Grand Reception Room

At a certain point the Grand Reception Room with its crystal fixtures and plating was utilised as the primary assembly hall in the Castle. Maybe the most striking piece in plain view is the substantial malachite urn, exhibited to Queen Victoria by Tsar Nicholas I in 1839, and one of the most significant models outside Russia. Checking out the gold-secured dividers and roofs it is difficult to trust that this room was so immensely harmed in the fire of 1992. The place was meticulously fixed to its previous wonder, which you can see today.

Timings: The reception room is open when the Castle is open

It is recommended to visit their official website before planning a trip at this beautiful place as Windsor Castle has numerous occasions, shows and events throughout the year. Regardless of whether you want to watch the celebrations and service of the Royal Wedding, or extravagant looking at the sights or in case you are merely going for a day trip, follow the above guide to make your vacation in London memorable.


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10 Amazing Nepal Mountains You Can’t Afford To Miss On Your Next Trip

Nepal is a landlocked country, which is located in southern Asia. It is mainly located in the Himalayas but also includes the portions of Indo Gangetic Plain. Nepal is fortunate enough to have the world’s eight tallest mountains, including the Mount Everest, which is the tallest mountain of the world. People who are the die-hard fans of mountain-climbing are usually in search of the best peaks to climb on.

Nepal draws the attention of the tourists for various reasons. One of the most important ones is the mountains situated in this country. Some people love to be lost in the white snow on the peaks and lead an adventurous life by finding their way, for them, Nepal mountains tend to be the best options. Mentioned below is a list of mountains in Nepal that you cannot miss out.

1. The Mount Everest

The Mount Everest

The Mount Everest, needless to mention, is the tallest mountain in Nepal and also the tallest one in the world. Its height is 8,848 meters above the sea level and is located in Solukhumbu District, part of the Khumbu Mahalangur Himalaya Range. It is on the top list of Nepal mountains and is admired for its height and beauty. It is also called “Sagarmatha” in the Nepali language which also means “the head of the sky”. Everest region in Nepal is the most popular region for trekking in the country.

Nepal, Mount Everest mountains are endowed with the beauty of flora and fauna both of which never fail to amaze the trekkers. Mount Everest’s peak even penetrates the stratosphere exposing it to the jet stream where the winds have the freezing temperature. The beauty of the snow is so admirable that for some people climbing Mount Everest is the ultimate salvation. The best time to travel Mount Everest is mid-September to May, coinciding with the end of the monsoon season

Elevation: 8,848 m
First Ascenders: Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay

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2. Mount Kanchenjunga

Mount Kanchenjunga

Mount Kanchenjunga is the third highest peak in the world with five prominent mountains and therefore called “the five treasures of the snow”.The height of this mountain range is 8,586 meters above sea level and it is located in Taplejung District. Part of the Northern Kanchenjunga Himalayan range. Trekking is a seldom thing in this mountain range making it more exciting to give it a try. Kanchenjunga’s dominating peak is so high that a trek to its base camp is quite an adventure that keeps kicking the adrenaline rush. The beauty in nature has its own heavenly feeling. Best time to travel is Mid March – June and Mid September – October. You should not go for trekking in monsoon season as they track gets really slippery. You can feel the essence of heaven in the white covered peaks of Nepal.

Elevation: 8,586 m
First Ascenders: George Band, Joe Brown

3. Lhotse


Lhotse is the fourth tallest mountain of the world and stands amongst the finest Nepal mountain ranges. It is the best alternative to Mount Everest as the track is more over the same.It is also known as the ‘a wall of glacial blue ice’ and is been said as the most romantic peaks of the world. Poets have described the beauty of this place ‘like Hollywood, thrilling and yet mesmerizing’. Spring is the best season to visit thing amazing mountain.

Elevation: 8,516 m
First Ascenders: Fritz Luchsinger, Ernst Reiss

4. Mount Makalu

Mount Makalu

This mountain resembles like a four-sided pyramid of snow and ice. It is named after the Hindu God, ‘Lord Shiva’. It is also known for its giant size. It is considered one of the most difficult peaks to climb on. It the best place for the people who seek adventures and thrill. This place is full of dangerous rocks and curves which make it the most interesting peak to climb. Best time to travel in this area is again during the spring season. This mountain range is among the best Nepal mountains to climb.

Elevation: 8,481 m
First Ascenders: Lionel Terray, Jean Couzy

5. Mount Cho Oyu

Mount Cho Oyu

Mount Cho Oyu acts as the natural border between China and Nepal. The meaning of Mount Cho Oyu is a turquoise goddess. It is so-called because of its cerulean tincture. Is it said according to a Tibetan legend that the Bald God- Cho Oyu turned his back to Chomolungma- the Mother Goddess Mount Everest because she refused his proposal of matrimony. This mountain is easiest to climb as it is only 8000 meters. The beauty of this place can be seen in the caravans of mules in the white snow. This mountain is the best if you are a beginner in mountain climbing.

Elevation: 8,201 m
First Ascenders: Pasang Dawa Lama, Herbert Tichy, Joseph Jöchler

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6. Dhaulagiri


Dhaulagiri is the seventh highest mountain in the world and has its name derived from a Sanskrit word “Dhwala” meaning “dazzling, white, and beautiful” and “Giri” meaning “mountain”. Nepal mountains seem like heaven on earth, this is what the trekkers say when they visit these mountains. There are a few people who visit this mountain range so it offers a great opportunity to people who want to have the trekking experience in a less- crowded area. The ridges provide the best and spectacular sights of the area around.This region is really vibrant because of its climate. Best time to travel this region is June to mid of July.

Elevation: 8,167 m

7. Mount Manaslu

Mount Manaslu

This mountain range is also called the mountain of spirits and intellect as many saints and gurus are found here chanting and meditating. This place is not usually visited by people because this area very quiet and blocked in many regions. This place is best for the beginners in trekking.

Elevation: 8,156 m
First Ascenders: Artur Hajzer, Gyalzen Norbu, Toshio Imanishi

8. Annapurna I

Annapurna I

The Annapurna Mountain gets its name from Sanskrit that actually means “Full of Food”. The mountain is often associated with the Hindu goddess Lakshmi- the Goddess of Good fortune and wealth. This place is full of beauty. The snow and beautiful ranges attract the tourists to visit this region of Nepal. The mountain ranges seem so well sculpted that no one can resist themselves from clicking Nepal mountains photos.

Elevation: 8,091 m

9. Gyachung Kang

Gyachung Kang

The height of this mountain is 7,957 meters and it is located in Khumbu. Part of the Mahalangur Himalayan range. This mountain is the heavily glaciated peak of Gyachung Kang. This mountain is covered with multiple pine trees and looks beautiful when the tips of the trees are covered in snow.

Elevation: 7,952 m
First Ascenders: Pasang Phutar Sherpa, Yukihiko Kato, Kiyoto Sakaizawa

10. Annapurna II

Annapurna II

This mountain range is known for its steep and dangerous slopes which make it really a herculean task for trekkers to perform. This mountain range is least traveled but every year some of the other trekkers try to stand victorious in climbing this range. You can not only experience the beautiful and grand mountain ranges but also the people of this place are really humble and kind-hearted. When you think about trekking expedition, the size of the mountain matters. People who want to climb the huge mountains and want to have your life’s best experience to come to Nepal.

Elevation: 7,937 m
First Ascenders: Chris Bonington, J. O. M. Roberts, Richard Grant, Ang Nyima

Nepal is blessed by mother nature. It is endowed with natural beauty which makes Nepal look like a piece of heaven on earth. Top ten highest mountains of Nepal attract the tourist towards this country and thereby help increase revenue earned through tourism. Trekking is quite common in this area as it covers many peaks which are blessed with beauty and godly quiet.

Nepal mountains are also called ‘country’s crown jewels’. Therefore, it can be said Nepal is full of beauty and most of its beauty is trapped in the mountains. So, when you plan for your trip to Nepal , do not forget to witness the magnificence of these mountain peaks if you don’t want to regret.


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Seville In Winter: 10 Best Things To Do For Ultimate Fun In The Snow

If you are planning to fly abroad during your winter vacation, Seville is the place to go. Although Seville is not much of a winter wonderland, in recent year’s Seville in winter has got more popular. More and more tourists are visiting the city every year during the festive winter season. During this time, the festive cheer in the city rises to unprecedented levels. The entire city gets involved in the celebration of Christmas and New Year. There are plenty of exciting things to do in Seville during the month of December. Seville as a city has a unique charm in itself. It has a lot to offer to every kind of traveler, and so planning a trip to Seville during the winter time is certainly a great deal.

But before you fly off to Seville, here’s a pocket guide that’ll help you get a sneak peak of all the things that you can do there, places you can visit, and tips you must keep in mind. Take a look!

Weather In Seville In Winter

t is true that Seville is mainly known for its summer months but the winter time in the city is actually noteworthy. Seville winter temperatures range from 10 to 12 degrees during this time of the year. The pleasant winter in Seville is what is attracting more and more people to the city. During the winter time, the city has a different vibe about itself. The gentle chill feeling of the streets in Seville is totally worth experiencing. The best thing about winters in Seville is that you can get plenty of things to do in the city during this time.

Winter is considered to be a festive time in the city of Seville. During this time you can see the entire city getting cheered up in the festive mood of Christmas. There are plenty of things that you can try in the city and make your trip a happening one. We have shortlisted a few of the activities that will give you a better experience in the city. Here you go with the list of things to do in Seville in the winter.

1. Spanish Cuisines : Taste some exquisite dishes

 Taste some exquisite dishes

Regardless of the season, food in Seville is simply amazing. The exceptional taste of the food is surely going to burst your taste buds. During the winter, you can try the traditional tapas of the city which is treated as the comfort food during the cold winter days. The taste of devouring a plate of chickpeas or tender pork cheek stew with spinach and red wine reduction feels simply amazing.

Location: Alameda neighborhood

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2. Christmas Market : Shop for all things cute

Christmas Market

Your visit to Seville in winter is incomplete without paying a visit to the famous Christmas market in the city. Seville has different Christmas markets located at different parts of the city. The markets are filled with beautiful Christmas gifts and hand-crafted items. You can actually get some unique items in the stalls of the Christmas market. This is the best way to entertain yourself especially if you are a shopaholic.

3. Sightseeing : Explore the city at its best


Seville has numerous sights that demands to be explored and winter could perhaps be the best time to visit some of these locations. The two main beautiful places that you simply cannot afford to miss are the gardens of Alcazar Palace and the architecture of the Cathedral. At the time of sunset, you can enjoy a walk through the Plaza de Espana and Maria Luisa Park and have some great time. It can be said that there is a kind of magic in the winters of Seville which is worth experiencing.

4. Feria : Enjoy the Belen tradition

Enjoy the Belen tradition

This is one of the main traditions that is practiced by the people of Seville. During this time, if you take a walk through the city you will get to see nativity scenes are being displayed on the churches and the shop windows all throughout the city. Every year during this time, a large gathering of people visits the Feria, del Belen. This is a market located at the foot of the Cathedral which is known to specialize in decoration and figurines for the nativity scene. If you happen to be present in the city at the time of Belen, you should definitely take part in it.

Location: Feria del Belen

5. New Year’s Eve : Relish the 12 grapes

Relish the 12 grapes

New Year’s Eve is a great affair in Seville. As the clock strikes 12 in the midnight each member of the family tries to eat 12 grapes, one at each stroke. This is known to shower good luck. People gather in huge crowds in Plaza Nueva to take part in the grapes eating tradition while waiting to welcome the New Year. You can also enjoy beautiful fireworks in the sky. This is an experience worth having.

Location: Plaza Nueva

6. Cabalgata de Los Reyes : Witness the end of festivity

Cabalgata de Los Reyes

Every year on January 6th, there is a huge parade that is organized through the city of Los Reyes Magos where people throw sweets and small plastic toys to the people who have gathered to watch the parade. This day marks the end of the holidays as kids are sent back to school the next day. Well, this is how Seville puts an end to their festive season.

Location: Los Reyes Magos

7. Dessert : Enjoy the finest sweets in the city


In the winter months, you can get to taste some of the finest sweets in the city. If you have a soft spot for cakes and pastries well, this is surely good news for you. You can find numerous pastry shops in the city. However, some of the best sweets are made by the nuns in the convent. The nuns are known to sell their sweets at a huge bake sale that takes place at Real Alcazar’s Patio de las Banderas.

Location: Patio de las Banderas, Real Alcazar

8. Coffee : Kick-start your day on a warm note

 Kick-start your day on a warm note

December is the best month to enjoy a cup of coffee in Seville. You can start your day with a cozy cup of coffee. You can find a number of coffee shops and cafes to serve you with the best coffee that you deserve.

9. Nightlife : Explore the rooftops & other fun clubs

Explore the rooftops & other fun clubs

Seville is a city where you can find some of the age-old icons including the beautiful Cathedral and new modern architectures like Las Setas. In the night you can appreciate the stunning view of the city from a fancy rooftop bar. If not that, you can also stop by at a fun nightclub to let your hair down for the evening.

10. Day Trip : Indulge in some thrill

thrilling place

It is worth taking a trip outside the city if you have enough time in your hand. You can explore the mountainous region of the Sierra Norte which stays coated under layers of snow. You can even go for hiking and mountain walks if you are the adventurous type.

If you want to enjoy Seville, winters are the best time to visit the city. Now that you have the list of things to do in winter in Seville, you can enjoy your holidays to the fullest. It can be said that visiting Seville in winter is the best thing that you can do. So, make sure you add it in the itinerary of your Spain trip with TravelTriangle and make the most of the season!


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Marina Bay Sands In Singapore Is An Epitome Of Sophistication & The King Of Superlatives

Right from the grand architecture to lavish experiences, Marina Bay Sands in Singapore is exceptional in each and every aspect. While Marina Bay is already a prominent attraction in Singapore, the three iconic towers of the grand hotel have added even more glam and glitz to the whole place. One of the world’s top 40 largest hotels and most expensive casino stand-alone property, the luxury hotel is the king of superlatives. Not just this, the hotel also boasts of the world’s largest rooftop infinity pool.

Singapore has many interesting places to visit and things to do but Marina Bay Sands hotel is an experience in itself. Here is all the information and the must-have experiences at Marina Bay Sands that you should tick off your list the next time you are holidaying in Singapore.

1. Marina Bay Sands Skypark : Be on top of the world

world's highest rooftop infinity pool

Marina Bay Sands Skypark is an iconic wooden deck on the top of the hotel from where you can have an exhilarating eagle eye view over the whole city. From the world’s largest rooftop infinity pool to the observation deck area, Marina Bay Sands SkyPark in Singapore is something to die for. Located at the 57th level, the architectural marvel is complemented with a glittering skyline and world-class luxuries. Of all the instagrammable spots in Singapore, this one tops the charts. Live the good life while sipping on your favorite champagne in the Marina Bay Sands Pool and looking over the breathtaking sunset.

2. Marina Bay Sands Casino : Play your luck

casino in marina bay

One of the activities you can enjoy at Marina Bay Sands in Singapore is splurging your money at the Casino. And the take the casino scenes really seriously. The four-level casino offers more than 20 games at the game tables to suit all the players. Apart from that, the casino even has more than 200 games available in our High Limit, Ruby, and Paiza areas. If you love risk and gambling, Marina Bay Sands Casino in Singapore is one of the best places to play your luck. Who knows you might have a stroke of luck?

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3. Celebrity Chef Lunch Specials : Pamper your taste buds

gourmet restaurant at Marina Bay

With so many activities on the itinerary, it is okay if you are indulging in some food binge. With top-notch restaurants from seven of the best chefs in the world, Marina Bay Sand in Singapore is a paradise for the epicureans. Whether it is the British cuisine at Gordon Ramsay’s Bread Street Kitchen & Bar, or Asian cuisine at Chinoiserie by Justin Quek, create unforgettable dining memories at Marina Bay Sands in Singapore. There are a variety of other restaurants and food chains too where you can enjoy a casual meal with equal gusto. Indulge in gluttony and dine at the finest Marina Bay Sands Restaurants for an epic culinary adventure.

4. FutureWorld : Enter the future


FutureWorld in Marina Bay Sands Singapore is the next place to be. A mind-boggling collaboration of art and science, the cutting-edge exhibition at FutureWorld will leave you awestruck. Right from the compelling architecture of the museum to the digital installations inside, the museum is worthy of every penny and second of your time during your visit. The FutureWorld closes by 7pm so make sure you place it on the itinerary accordingly, so that you have enough time to enjoy their tours and workshops too.

5. Shoppes : Go on a shopping spree


Attention, all shopaholics! If you are staying at Marina Bay Sand in Singapore, get ready to shop till you drop at The Shoppes. The gigantic Marina Bay Sands Mall in Singapore has a refreshing mix of international luxury brands at your disposal. From Tiffany & Co., Tom Ford, and Bottega Veneta shop your favorite things from all your favorite high-end stores. Discover the extensive and largest collection of luxury watches and jewelry at The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands in Singapore in case you are shopping alone and you need someone to help you out with your shopping needs.

Timings: Thursday and public holidays, 10:30 am – 11:00 pm,
Friday, Saturday and eve of public holidays, 10:30 am – 11:30 pm


Rooms at Marina Bay Sands Singapore

Deluxe Room: INR 28,841
Premier Room: INR 34,624
Club Room: INR 44,021
Grand Club Room: INR 42,575

Suites at Marina Bay Sands Singapore

Orchid Suite: INR 51,322
Bay Suite: INR 129,390
Sands Suite: INR 80,597
Marine Suite: INR 122,884

  • Marina Bay Sands Singapore height: 207 m
  • Number of floors: 55
  • Number of rooms: 2,561 rooms
  • Marina Bay Sands Price: $8 billion dollars, making it one of the expensive stand-alone integrated resort property
  • ArtScience Museum is built upon a sustainable model of rainwater harvesting and recycling them for use in the building’s restrooms.
  • Its casino is the world’s largest atrium casino with 600 table games, 2500 slot machines, and, 35 private gaming rooms.
  • It also boasts of the world’s highest rooftop infinity pool elevated 200 m above the ground.

The iconic Marina Bay Sands in Singapore is a place where you can discover the true meaning of luxury, leisure and life. A hotel so grand, you ought to make a visit once in your lifetime. Singapore is a destination of exciting experiences and heart-throbbing attractions. Marina Bay in Singapore and especially Marina Bay Sands should be on the top of your list when you take a trip to Singapore.


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Bachelor Parties In Las Vegas: For Adding That Extra Touch To Your Amazing 2019 Plans

The best time in a man’s life is his bachelor party with his mates before tying the knot. There are a lot of ideas as to how one can celebrate their bachelorhood and what place to choose. Well, the best idea is not to keep your bachelor party for the end time. It is always advisable to plan it four to five weeks prior to your D-day and make the most of your party. Also, this way you can plan the party better and make the arrangements accordingly. Now, the bachelor’s party needs two important things- venue and activities. As far as the venue is concerned, bachelor parties in Las Vegas are truly the best. And what one needs to do to make their bachelors extravagant, we have you covered. Have a look at these activities to make the most out of this party!

Las Vegas is a city built on hopes, dreams, and a little bit of crazy! And, of course, if you are not going crazy on your bachelor party, you are doing nothing. If you have money, there is no dearth of bachelor party activities in Las Vegas!

1. Restaurants


As it is said that for women, it is shopping, for kids, the place is Disneyland, and for men about to getting married, the place is undoubtedly Las Vegas! There is an array of activities for you and your mates to enjoy. You can enjoy at the casino, or a nice time spent at any of the restaurants or even booking a suite. The list is endless. In fact, there are many best restaurants in Las Vegas for bachelor parties or bars or strip clubs. In fact, the sin city is meant for bachelor parties in the craziest and most happening ways! Here we offer some of the ideas to celebrate your bachelorhood in Las Vegas.

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2. Hot Pool Parties

Hot Pool Parties

Pool parties are always a hit and a yes for bachelors. There can be nothing best than enjoying at the pool party, rather hot pool party with your mates. You can even plan a theme and choose among the best pools in the city well in advance to have the best location and services. To make it a day to remember for you and your friends, arrangements can be made for luxurious opium beds, bottle services-the premium ones, swim-up bars for guests, poolside cabanas, and what not! If you host such a party, it will definitely be one of the best bachelors parties in Las Vegas.

3. Poker


Undoubtedly, Las Vegas means casinos, casinos and casinos. There can nothing be much more than playing and having fun at the casinos, with Aria, Wynn, Bellagio, to name a few. You can even give a touch of royalty by planning or hosting a theme party. However, a word of caution to the newcomers as generally local gamblers and players often visit these casinos and hunt for drunk tourists for your money.

4. Shooting Range

shooting Range

Yet another interesting idea is to go shooting with your boy gang. You can opt for machine gun shooting, shooting range, or battlefield Las Vegas, USA. It’s a fun idea as you can spend your day with your small group in the shooting arena. However, among many Bachelor party in las vegas tips, one important tip is to shoot before getting drunk. A trip to the shooting range can be an unusual idea if you are looking for something different rather than regular partying. One can take firearms of varied sizes; these can be fully automated machine guns or handguns. You can ask your organizer to plan it as per your budget.

5. Strip Clubs


Well, one thing that comes into mind when you talk about Bachelor parties in Las Vegas is the strip clubs. There is an array of such clubs in the sin city where can enjoy boozing all night. So, if you are ready for this stuff, go for a proper research and then spend money because it is said that what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.

6. Bachelor Party Suites

Bachelor Party Suites

This option is for those who literally think that bachelor’s party is actually the last night of them being single in the town. Rather than going clubbing or splurging money on gambling people opt for Las Vegas bachelor party suites. There are various bizarre enclaves that include man caves. These man caves have the finest of the bedrooms and living areas with associated private pools, a team of butlers, and much more than money can buy. In Las Vegas, you definitely have a choice to live the life to its fullest.

7. Breweries


Beer takes that credit of making everyone happy. And, certainly, your celebration of being single today and getting married some other day would be incomplete without beer and friends. Go visit the best of Beer Breweries for a beer tasting treat with your gang tasting every sort of beer and to just enjoy the moment.

Bachelor parties in Las Vegas are the best one can think of. It is the place for people who have money to splurge and who know how to make the best out of life, those who know how to enjoy and live life. Nowhere else in the world you can find gorgeous pretty women gambling and drinking. It is the place where you can enjoy at the hottest parties.

Las Vegas! The Sin City! A city of adventures, glamour and glitz! There can be nothing best than this place to celebrate your bachelor’s party. In fact, not only the people living over there, people from all around the world plan their bachelor party in Las Vegas.

8. Party Spots

the laugh factory in las vegas

Trying the various part venues is surely something you would want to try, be it about the crazy dancing, delicious cocktails or simply to have a bachelor party dinner in Las Vegas. What’s more to this vibrant land is the wide range of places to have a fun time. You can go to Tao Nightclub to have an authentic Asian vibe or join a dazzling rock party at Raiding the Rock Vault. If it’s some laughter you’re craving, do visit the Laugh Factory with your pals for an amazing time. Other such venues include, X Burlesque, SpeedVegas, Stratosphere and Gold Spike.

Grand canyon picnic sspot

Some of the best nightlife or party experience is had when you’re spontaneous but only for those moments when you don’t want to walk in the dark and have everything already booked and planned, various Las Vegas bachelor party ideas include the following:

  • A picnic in the Grand Canyon
  • Flying a fighter jet
  • Visiting Cirque du Soleil

The best part is that whatever you do in Vegas, stays in Vegas! So, there is no one to judge your pretty little sins in this Sin City! No matter where you come from, no matter where you hail to, you will never be judged by anyone if you want to chase your dreams and celebrate your singlehood with your mates. Book your trip to Las Vegas for a fun-packed party time with your friends here!

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